design factory

The cultural center and civic association design factory operates since 2005. Design factory serves as a creative base for the support and development of design, architecture and art as well as for the organization of social events.

Design factory organizes conferences, exhibitions and research projects on an international level. We actively collaborate with the Slovak Chamber of Architects, the Association of Slovak Architects, the Slovak Academy of Science, the Faculty of Architecture STU and the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery (Prague).

An integral part of our activities is the support of visual arts and discussions through contact between top representatives of the contemporary architectural scene, the academic community and the general public. Regular events include projects - Industrial Day, Design factory college, Musical Cocoa, the Convergence Chamber Music Festival and the original Jazz Night format.

Design factory is operating in newly reconstructed agrarian building Dve Sýpky in Jarovce-Bratislava since September 2021.

Associate member of Antena since June 2021. 

Contact: info(at)