Fabrika umenia

We define ourselves as a cultural and community platform that develops art and culture in Partizánske. Our projects strive to find a fusion between quality art production and the interests of the community, emphasizing its building and growth. Working with the community is the reason thanks to which we are anchored and have weight in social issues as well.We operate continuously and work with a living community. In addition to events, our strong theme is the Baťa’s heritage in the town of Partizánske. The urbanism and architecture of this unique town are strong values that we need to protect. In 2020, we launched the portal, which was our reaction to the lack of possibilities to organize events, the need for contact with the community, and at the same time activity for promoting Baťa's architecture and urbanism in Partizánske.

Our mission is to build a cultural and community space in Partizánske, which will stimulate and contribute to the growth of culture, the region, and especially a man as such.

 Associate member of Antena since June 2021

Contact: katarina.janickova(at)