Podivný barón

Podivny Baron is a small cultural centre, situated in one of the few remaining historical buildings in Puchov. A literary café has been a part of the centre since its inception.

Podivny Baron is set in a stunning and well-kept town Europark. This unique environment acts as an ideal meeting place for people of all ages in all seasons. The management team of the cultural centre has organised a number of successful cultural events, with a far-reaching positive response.

The principle aim of the centre's initiatives is to introduce lesser-known, but creative and talented artists from around the region and beyond, within all artistic fields including music, film, fine arts, literature, theatre, dance and many more. Our past cultural events organised over the five years of the centre’s existence demonstrate that our facilities have always also been open to more accomplished artists, whether from the music or literature sectors. An integral part of our activities is to continue in the current trend of improving critical thinking through inspiring discussions and lectures with experts on current events and contemporary topics, including for example the violation of human rights or environmental issues. 

Associate member of Antena since June 2021.

 Contact: podivnybaron(at)


Foto: Podivný barón civic association