Another Antena WORKS!hop was a success. This time on environmental measures in culture

Another Antena workshop from the series Antena WORKS!, this time on environmental measures in cultural centers and cultural events, took place on 25.9.2020 in the cultural center Malý Berlín.

15 people participated in the event under strict hygienic regulations, including representatives of independent cultural centers, freelancers, as well as people from public cultural institutions.

Thanks to everyone for your trust and participation in the event.

We would also like to thank our guests. Their presentations are attached below:

Róbert špoták (Slovak Arts Council) and Jana Mikudová (Institute for Environmental Policy)

Miloš Staštík and Veronika Gombošová (Energy Centre Bratislava)

Martin Gajdoš (Bezobalis)


Photo: Bea Seberíniová