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Civic association Different was created in 2003. First activities  were mostly concerts and a fest of documentary movies ,, One world“ ( Jeden svet ). Progressively as people have been joining the Different as permanent members, more activities have been growing with them. Turning point for us was  year 2011 when we finally got Thick bastion (Hrubá bašta) for a long-time rent, which we are changing on a good working cultural community center. Thanks to the new area, more proactive people from Bardejov such as architects, local artists and casual initiatives groups have joined us. 

Our goal is to regenerate  this outstanding area and to access it to the wide public. Gradually we have created cultural community center Bašta, where under one roof we can find:

Various cultural and artistic activities : music, movies, theater, fine arts, etc.
Various types of informal education, creative and free time activities, workshops.
Support of local community activities ( for families with kids, yoga in Bašta, charity bazaars and so on).
Leisure area with coffee and large selection of craft drinks.
Development of ecological issues and interests in the city activities.
Development of tourism.

Thanks to the determination and the energy of many volunteers, since the spring 2017 Bašta has offered its regular programme and an open coffee house . So far only one and a half floor from five ones are available for whole year activities. But beside of our activities, we are still working on projects that we hope will help us to reconstruct the other floors and help Bašta to fully develop its potential. And of course the projects will create more space for active people, who are changing society to better.


Contact: bastakulturcentrum(at)

Foto (Bašta archive) 


For download:

• Information for visitors - 2019_4  (PDF)
• List of Equipment - 2019_4  (PDF)
• Side view  (PDF)