We wish Slovakia good health !

“Želáme Slovensku na zdravie” (We wish Slovakia good health) is a challenge presented mainly by organizations and associations of living culture, but it is open also to other organizations and individuals in Slovakia. The aim of the challenge is to achieve the fastest and smoothest possible course of vaccination in Slovakia and especially to offer assistance in its execution.
“With hope, joy and admiration for the scientific community, we welcome the beginning of the vaccination process in Slovakia. We are aware that in addition to the indisputable health aspects of this important preventive tool, vaccination is also a necessary step towards the full functioning of society.
We have called on the government for help several times since March 2020, and now we are offering help. We want to express our support for the vaccination plan in Slovakia and at the same time, we want to offer our experience and skills to ensure that vaccination takes place as quickly and smoothly as possible.
We are well aware that some of the activities must be carried out by experts in the field of healthcare and epidemiology. However, thanks to our many years of experience with often logistically demanding events, we can help with the preparation and execution of the processes that vaccination requires, such as assistance with logistics, provision of human resources and coordination, communication, and promotion of vaccination.
We believe that there is enough room to involve people from live culture and other areas in the vaccination process. Regardless of your decision to accept our offer or not, we wish the whole process the most favourable course, so that we can symbolically wish ourselves “good health” at our events and meetings already this spring.”
List of organizations involved:
Združenie promotérov a festivalov na Slovensku
Asociácia Hudobných Klubov Slovenska AHKS
Hudobná Únia Slovenska
Anténa – sieť pre nezávislú kultúru
Slovenský ochranný zväz autorský
Slovenská jazzová spoločnosť
Zástupcovia ticketingových spoločností v SR
BTL Komunikačná asociácia
Asociácia nezávislých producentov
Únia filmových distributérov
Združenie prevádzkovateľov kín
PS: This call is also open to other organization, not only from the field of culture. If you are interested, please contact us at
You can find more information on the Facebook page “Želáme Slovensku na zdravie”, the Facebook event of the same name, and very soon also on the website of the call