We are asking the government of the Slovak Republic, the prime minister of Slovakia, and the Ministry of Culture to stop the ban on public events

The appeal of cultural centers and workers in culture on  30.9.2020 by Antena – Network for Independent Culture and forum ‘Zachráňme kultúru’

We need to help and trust each other more now.

“Without ‘ethical culture’, there is no salvation for humanity,” said Albert Einstein.

We say, “Without humanity, we won’t save the culture.”

They say that talent is a gift from God. The truth is, however, that talent is not enough. To bear fruit, which can be enjoyed by everyone, hard work is needed. All the amazing books, songs, sculptures, paintings, theatre shows, and movies would have never seen the light of the day without hard work.

There are many people behind each artwork besides the author: editors, publishers, designers, sound engineers, lighting crews, costume designers, make-up artists, production, translators, playwrights, …

Nowadays, more than 220 000 people work in the field of culture in Slovakia. The decisions of the government of the Slovak Republic to ban cultural events mean the mass firing of most of these people. We could calculate the losses this ban will cause not only to employees and their families but also to our whole economy.

We could also argue that ‘artists can find other jobs.’  However, the biggest losses come about when a talented violinist or pianist is sent to unload goods in a supermarket. Not because such a job would be ‘embarrassing’ for them but because by doing so, we waste years of hard work, which they invested into developing their talents.

They say: “in times of war, muses fall silent”. Our society and the whole world are in danger today – but not in a war! We are all ‘fighting’ against a dangerous virus. We live in a difficult time, which is why we need to stand together, be more sensitive, be more humane. And it is art, which has the power to provide us with the above-mentioned characteristics. In such a situation, only a madman would silent the muses.

We, the below signed representatives of thousands of people working in arts and culture declare that we can ensure compliance with appropriate hygienic measures at our cultural events – just as operators of shopping centers or fitness centers can. We believe that a ban on culture is the wrong solution.

Therefore, we appeal to prime minister Igor Matovič, the minister of culture Natália Milanová, and the Slovak government to think again about their faulty decision and cancel the ban on cultural events immediately.

We need to help and trust each other more now.


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