Antena CONFERENCE! is happening, already this Friday 30.10.2020

We are preparing the 1st edition of Antena CONFERENCE! – ‘Culture throughout time’ focused on the field of independent culture.

Our new specialized event – Antena CONFERENCE! will debut this Friday, October 30th. The subtitle of the conference, ‘Culture throughout time,’ mirrors the current uncertain situation regarding the economic and social crises, as well as the global COVID-19 pandemic. The main topic of the conference will focus on societal influences of culture and ways in which scholars, analytical institutes and experts in the field evaluate it. The discussion will proceed to topics, which resonate the most in the field of independent culture now.

The event will be divided into four parts and, considering the current situation, will be held ONLINE.

Start of the event – 09:00

1st part at 09:05

Experts from the Faculty of regional sciences and management of EkF TUKE: doc. Ing. Miriam Šebová, PhD, Mgr. et Mgr. Zuzana Réveszová and Ing. Barbora Tóthová, from Institute for Cultural Policies of Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic: Ing. Mgr. Andrej Svorenčík M.S., PhD, and from the platform Culture Matters: Ing. MgA. Tereza Raabová, PhD will present the current views on measuring and assessing the impacts on culture, opinions on methodology and measuring tools, (quantitative as well as qualitative) and ways to approach such outputs.

2nd part at 11:05

In a panel discussion, presenters will summarize their views from the first part of the program and will try to answer questions such as: ‘Is measuring cultural influences important?’, ‘Can we persuade politicians or the wider public about the importance of culture?’ and ‘In which ways can cultural influence on society be measured?’

This discussion will aim to acquire an idea, that is as clear as possible, about this issue, as well as to observe possibilities of using knowledge on the influences of culture in practice and discussions with public organizations or to inform and educate the wider public.


3rd part at 13:00

Bohdan Smieška will debate with Jozef Kovalčík, the director of the Slovak Arts Council, Martin Šmatlák, Director of the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, Zora Jaurová, President of Creative Industry Forum, Michal Klembara, Chairman of Antena network and with representatives from the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic about multisource financing and sustainability of alternative culture, in the current unfavorable COVID-19 pandemic situation. 


The current pandemic has drastically worsened various issues, by which actors in the field of alternative culture have become one of the most affected. These subjects are forced to be flexible in how they operate. However, this doesn’t ensure that the prevailing threat to their existence will be eliminated. “Which systematic changes in these areas need to happen?”


4th part at 15:00

The last part will bring a discussion about the cooperation between municipalities, alternative culture, and NGOs with Zuzana Ivašková, director of the culture department of the magistrate of the capital city of the Slovak Republic – Bratislava, and the manager of City of Bratislava Foundation, with Zuzana Hekel, Director of the Ján Palárik Theatre in Trnava, with Michal Hladký, Director of Creative Industry Košice, Irena Lehocká, project manager of Creative Centre Nitra, and with Robert Blaško from the cultural center Stanica in Žilina. The discussion will focus on the question – why public policies and their implementation in practice are rather rare in Slovakia.  


Finish at 17:00

The moderator of the conference is Bohdan Smieška.

The event can be watched ONLINE through ZOOM. The link can be found before the start of the event at

Event Antena CONFERENCE! is free of charge.


The event is supported by our main partners:

Slovaks Arts Council

Capital City of Slovakia – Bratislava



Goethe Institute Bratislava, A4 - Space for Contemporary Culture, Nová Cvernovka, Malý Berlín, Barmuseum Martin


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