Mapping of cultural centers and their technical documentation

Tomás Moravek (CZ)
Katarína Ďuricová (SK)

11. - 16. 4. 2021

We opened the topic of technical documentation with lecturer Lukáš
Valiska in November 2018 in the cultural center Záhrada from Banská
Bystrica. We discussed the possibilities and ways to look at the space
from the point of view of the hosts, performing artists, but also guests
who need to find more information about the space. We dealt with ways of
sharing this information, but also with basic Slovak and English
terminology, the content of the list of equipment, lighting plans and
the way of marking, safety ....
We tested the theory on the example of the cultural center Záhrada and
in 2019 we mapped the cultural centers Stanica Žilina - Záriečie, Nová
synagóga, Klub Lúč, Hidepark, Bašta and Wave. In April 2021, we will
visit three other A4 cultural centers, Nová Cvernovka and Tabačka
Kulturfabrik, and we will try to put the information obtained into
practice and document the individual spaces with their specifications
and originality.

We will really go into details within the processing of the
documentation of cultural centers. We will deal with three basic topics:
- What should the operator of a cultural center know about own space and
what information should not hide? What are the strengths and weaknesses
of the space and what should the technical documentation of this place
- How to record and revise the technical equipment of the space from
small material to expensive equipment?
- How to plan preparatory work well and effectively within various
events and how to illustrate the disposition of the space with the
incoming guest artist or resident?

Technical documentation is an important tool in hosting art groups, but
also for touring, so this workshop is designed not only for technicians
and production, but also for theater and art groups, which are often on
the road, students of architecture, scenographers, technical production.