Antena in RTVS broadcasting

A series of eight documentaries under the heading "Islands" about the independent cultural centres is coming to RTVS TV screens on 30 May 2022. The first episode will be about the Pôton Theatre in Bátovce, directed by Jana Bučka. Following will be:

6 June - Station Žilina Záriečie and the New Synagogue - directed by Jana Bučka Kovalčíková and Michal Fulier
13 June - SMACK MY Bytča ! - directed by Andrej Kolenčík
20 June - Above - Hájovňa Banská Štiavnica - directed by Miriam Petráňová
27 June - Peripheral Centres Dúbravica - directed by Miriam Petráňová
4 July - Punkova bašta Bardejov - directed by Andrej Kolenčík
11 July - Arta Piešt'any - directed by Jana Bučka Kovalčíková and Michal Fulier
18 July - Kláštor - directed by Viera Dubačová and Peter Kotrha

The individual episodes will open the locked doors of the professional and intimate lives of cultural workers and artists to the television audience and will enable them to better understand the meaning of independent culture. Through the films, viewers will get behind the scenes of cultural houses, studios, rehearsal rooms, they will discover what organizers struggle with when preparing and realizing events, what obstacles they have to overcome before they bring the desired cultural experience to the audience. They will see the process of creation, the successes and failures and get a glimpse into the private life. The audience will see them in different situations, in relationships with colleagues, artists, friends.

We hope that the producers of the Islands series will be able to convince RTVS to continue the series so that good documentaries can be made about other centres.

Cooperation with RTVS is also progressing in radio. During the summer, as part of the celebration of its 50th anniversary, Radio Devín will broadcast live reports from five festivals organised by the Antenna Centres as part of a series of tours.