Centres from Antena network are part of a research on remuneration of workers of independent culture centres


 During the second half of 2021, research will be carried out on a sample of 10 established independent cultural centers (NKC) which are members of Antena. The research will aim to map out the reward system of their key employees. The results of the research will be compared to information drawn from management literature on the topic of rewarding employees in culture. The research will be published as several articles with the help of the Via Cultura organization (Kultúrny kyslík) Vlna magazine and the monthly magazine Kapitál.

The research is conducted by the coordinator of the Antena network – Beáta Seberíniová.

Program schedule:

1.-3. Month – researching scholarly literature, summarizing findings, preparing a scientific study
3.-4. Month – research methodology, reaching out to respondents, research planning
5.-6. Month – qualitative research
7.-8. Month – research evaluation, result comparison with theoretical scientific knowledge
8.-9. Month – adding qualitative results to the research, creating popularizing articles, research, and article publication

The research was supported by the Slovak Arts Council, the main project partner. 


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