Diera do sveta

Diera do sveta is a cultural centre and a specialised bookshop based in Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia, founded in 2014 by Jana Mikuš Hanzelová, Ján Mikuš and Helena Hajková. The aim of the centre is to create and to provide a platform for independent, alternative and marginalised cultures as well as to enable and develop public meetings, informal education and collective cultivation. Diera do sveta also strives for interaction between the audience and contemporary arts and culture in order to generate values which pose an alternative to contemporary dominant narratives and socio-political organisation. The organisation and the programme focus of Diera do sveta is underpinned by several key ideological principles. Among them, they are feminism, gender equality, ecology, non-hierarchy, and socio-cultural engagement. Our aim is to bring diverse artistic and cultural practices which critically address contemporary urgent issues and crises but also have an emancipatory potential. As a collective, we believe in social justice, solidarity, egalitarianism and the power of collective organisation. We also consider arts and culture to be the practices which can subvert hierarchical power structures in society and thus contribute to the abolition of social inequalities and injustices. We are convinced that arts and culture can provide us with means and ways how not only to experience ourselves in different settings and environments but also how to generate new forms of collective imagination and social organisation. Through arts, we are seeking an opposition to the dominant discourses and practices which are based on exploitation and marginalisation. Our mission is to be exclusive in quality while not excluding anybody.

Contact: dieradosveta(at)