Installation and technical implementation of audiovisual artworks in galleries

Production and operation of contemporary art exhibitions 

Juraj Gábor and Dušan Dobiaš (SK)

Monday-Tuesday, 14–15 June 2021

In cooperation with Nová synagóga and East Slovak Gallery, we have already organized two workshops dedicated to the light design of the exhibitions.

Upcoming workshop also relates to the operation of art galleries, installing exhibitions and presenting contemporary art to the public. How to prepare, install and maintain technically challenging art exhibition full of video projections? How to effectively cooperate with the artists during production of their exhibition? What are various possible principles of communication towards the public?

We will discuss such questions during 2-day workshop guided by two lecturers - an artist and a technician. Their different roles and experience will allow us to see common problems and situations related to gallery work from different perspectives. 

This workshop's target groups are not only curators but also production managers, artists, universal and multidisciplinary culture operators, technicians and other people professionally involved in the making and operating of art exhibitions.

The aim is not to convert the curators into the gallery technicians but to provide them with new views and solutions to the most common problems they face in their work. We want to discuss a lot and share personal experience illustrated on the real-life examples. This debate might open up more topics that might become a base for some future workshops.

Juraj Gábor (1985) graduated from AFAD Bratislava. He began his studies in the department of sculpture, object and installation and ended in the department of intermedia and multimedia.
Besides being formally educated, he has been shaped by an activistic and volunteering projects such as Cell for Contemporary Culture (Bunka pre súčasnú kultúru) in Nitra or Abandoned  Recreation in Trenčianske Teplice. After the studies, he has gained lot of experience working in art venues and residencies in Slovakia as well as abroad (Banská Štiavnica, Žilina, Soul, Iksan, Prague).
Currently, Juraj has been working on his year-long installation Sphere in Nová synagóga, Žilina.

Dušan Dobiaš (1986) gained an interdisciplinary education in the department of mediamatics and culture heritage in Žilina University. For ten years, he has been working at art venues Stanica Žilina-Záriečie and Nová synagóga in various roles from photographer to volunteers coordination, technical assistance to exhibition installations.
For the past three years, he has been working as a freelance technician for artists and art institutions. He focuses on installing contemporary art exhibitions that contains lot of video projections, audio art works, multimedia and new media.

The workshop is organized by Antena - network for independent culture with a cooperation of Nová synagóga Žilina and The Museum of Art in Žilina.

The event was financially supported by the Slovak Art Council (Fond na podporu umenia). 
Thank you !