European Cultural Centres Meeting in Prague

On 26-29 May we attended the meeting of the European network of cultural centres Trans Europe Halles. The 93rd meeting of the oldest European network took place in the premises of Studio ALTA in Karlín, Prague. The main theme of the meeting was "Cultivation".

Thanks to the support from the Antena Support Fund, five participants were sent to Prague - in addition to the Antena coordinator Fedor Blaščák, two Belarusian artists who are currently in residence in Žilina, Patrik Rychtarech as a representative of the Lúč Club from Trenčín and Marek Pavlik from the Eleuzína Cultural Centre in Banská Štiavnica.

The main task was to finalize the rules of cooperation within the European project Rebuilding to Last, which is led by TEH and in which Anténa is one of the partners from 2022. We also used the meeting to arrange the participation of speakers at the Anténa Conference in October. We attended the opening conference at the Municipal Library and then the weekend programme, which took place at Studio ALTA. We attended workshops on Economic values of culture, Space is the case is the case is the case, Developing a 360 approach to equality, diversity and inclusion.

In the framework of the East Hub Platform meeting, the chair of the network Michal Klembara met with members from Ukraine, Georgia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Latvia and Belarus and looked for ways to help each other. Other meetings were mainly used for networking with Ukrainian representatives.

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