General assembly of the network in Nitra

On Friday, June 17, we met in Hide Park in Nitra for the second general assembly of the year. It was the first time we visited Hide Park in such a mass. It is the only open-air cultural centre in Antena, and has a very strong community and volunteer dimension. We were very comfortable there.

More than half of the regular members came to the meeting, so the assembly was quorate. We discussed and debated the new terms of membership, Antenna's entry into the Voice of CSOs platform, and approved the expansion of the network leadership from 3 to 5 members. We said goodbye to the KC Danube organization, as its representatives were no longer participating in the network activities. We also discussed the dramaturgy for the third edition of the Antena Conference, which we are preparing for autumn 2022 in Bratislava.

We are glad that there is interest in Antena membership. Antena currently has 20 full and 9 associate members and is in the process of accepting five new applications. In this context, we have updated the membership conditions in Nitra, adding a requirement of at least three years since the start of continuous activity.

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