Annual Meeting of Antena Members

The annual meeting of the members of the Antena network took place on 26.6. 2021 under safe COVID-19 conditions.

The meeting started already on Friday 25.6. in Banská Štiavnica with a BBQ in Hájovňa – a cultural tourist center.

The main program, however, took place in KC Eluzina in the city center of Baská Štiavnica.

The program included sharing information about the activities of individual members, about the COVID-19 situation within the realm of independent culture, informing about projects and partnerships of Antena network, of the awaited vaccination campaign and much more.

Internal information regarding finances, budget, and councils of the organization was also discussed.

The chairman of the Antena network will continue to be Michal Klembara. Beáta Seberíniová was appointed as a coordinator of the network for another two years.

3 organizations have joined as new members of the network:

Design factory Bratislava

Fabrika umenia Partizánske

Podivný barón Púchov

We are looking forward to welcoming our new members and to holding meetings again