Pracovné výmeny Anteny V.

Piatu, dvoj týždňovú výmenu v novom roku zrealizovala Nienke Voorintholt zo Stanice Žilina-Záriečie. Koncom januára cestovala do Aarhusu v Dánsku, kde sa náchádza kultúrne centrum Institut for(X), další člen siete Trans Europe Halles ( „Going for a staff exchange to Institut for (x) was not about getting to know one organization but a whole lot of organizations and businesses. The industrial area where Institut for (x) is operating is filled with young people, who all make and create in different ways to make the city a better place to live. In the middle of my staff exchange there was the so called ‘bulldozerday’. The first shovel in the ground did not go together with protest but with a friendly handshake. Seeing how the one of the old buildings got partly demolished was moving. In the A-hus, what is the main remaining building the organised the gathering after. Beatriz Gonzalez Rodriguez from the organisation UAC (Useful art for communities) created an art piece with found objects from the area. One of the main things I worked on was creating a catalogue where all these objects where presented in the origine. The values from the organisation I took back to Stanica where mainly related to the family spirit and they way how they managed to have a minimal administration policy. For example no weekly meetings but everyday a common lunch and occasionally a neighbourhood meeting. Walking through the area you could feel till in the details the impact of having the big amount of architects and carpenters in the smallest details.“ Projekt z verejných zdrojov podporil Fond na podporu umenia.